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Leaking Cartridge Causing Black Prints in HP Printer, Here is the Solution

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Posted on: 02/14/18

HP Printer is among the best manufacturer of printers around the world with satisfied millions of users. More often it has been seen that the leaks in toner arenít that much of a serious problem and can be solved by simply removing the toner cartridge. If the problem isnít solved by the removal of toner cartridge users can clean out the print cavity and the leaking in toner will not be seen any longer. But itís not that simple as it looks like. This post will help out the users in solving the problem of leaking cartridge that causes black prints in HP Printer. In case users are unable to solve the issues of black prints due to leakage cartridge by themselves they can contact HP Printer Customer Service for resolving the issue.

The cause of the black prints in HP printer is mainly due to four things which are as follows:

         The cartridge.

         The cartridge/HVPS contacts.


         The Formatter

There are various methods of troubleshooting these four causes which results in the black prints in HP printer. The troubleshooting steps are based on all the four causes which result in black prints in HP printer differently. To fix the issue of black prints in HP printer users are advised to follow the complete set of troubleshooting steps. The troubleshooting steps for finding the right solution for the leaking cartridge which causes black prints in HP Printer are as follows:

         Change the toner cartridge you are using and try using another toner cartridge.

         Check out bent, dirty or broken contact points by cleaning out the print cavity.

         Try an engine test page by removing the formatter of the printer.

         Remove the HVPS, check continuity on the contacts, clean the contacts and try again.

         Replace the HVPS.

         Replace the formatter if above steps doesnít work.

In case, you find any technical glitch associated with your HP printer like the problem of leaking cartridge which causes the black prints of documents, contact HP Printer Helpline Number +1-855-536-5666.

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